People often ask me, « What did you do before? » « Why did you get involved in events? » If you ask yourself the same question, I’ll tell you everything here.

My name is Arenda, Sheona is my middle name and it took me a long time to “use” them, but I think the best way to represent my company is to give it my real identity, my values, my image.

Before all this, during my studies in alternance and after having obtained my Master in Communication, I continued to work in this field, I developed the strategy and the various communication actions of the companies.

As experiences progressed, a real love was born for the realization of events that I was able to realize such as fashion shows for a clothing brand, pop up stores, seminars, corporate diners, etc…

Then after a position as head of communication for a young startup thanks to which I discovered the world of entrepreneurship, I wanted to emancipate myself from this status of employee that is not made for me and I created «my own business». I first wanted to focus exclusively on events for individuals with weddings and all types of private parties because I find that they are stronger in emotions, creativity and they create real links with customers. But today companies are more and more open to new things and also want ultra-personalized events, and are also looking for the more identity side, everything I like! 

Arenda Sheona is me and it’s all that.


Welcome to my world.

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